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Milk Cake


Indulge in the rich flavors and creamy textures of our signature Date Milk Cake! 
Made with three types of milk, stuffed with Premium Sukari Qassim dates and pecans, covered with cream and date milk sauce.

Now Available !


Karak Boy

We are dedicated to introducing the rich culinary

legacy of the Gulf and the exclusive recipes of Dubai to the heart of Egypt , With a fusion of genuine flavors and inventive twists, we invite you to embark on a culinary voyage blending taste and tradition like no other.

We take the pride in unveiling the hidden

treasures of Dubai's gastronomic traditions to Egypt.

From our fragrant Karak Tea to our delectable Paratha, every mouthful narrates a tale of authenticity and ingenuity.

Imbued with the genuine Gulf recipe, you'll be

enchanted by its incomparable flavor and transported to the core of Gulf culture.


Karak Chaii

Journey back in time to the shores of the Arabian Gulf with our signature Karak Chaii, a timeless beverage that tells the story of Gulf traditions and cultural exchange.
Karak Tea has been a symbol of hospitality for centuries.

We honor this storied legacy by handcrafting our Karak Tea using the original recipe infused with a contemporary twist, our Karak Tea harmonizes the flavors of the past with the tastes of today, inviting you to savor a sip of history in every cup



Sip, Share and Connect

 Embrace the tradition of gathering around a steaming cup of Karak tea, where every pour creates a bond that transcends cultures and brings people closer together.

Join us in celebrating the art of connection


Bringing Kerala
To The heart of

Kerala's tea fields are steeped in history and culture, with many of the plantations dating back centuries, yielding the finest tea leaves.

And from these storied fields, We proudly sources its tea blend, bringing a taste of Kerala's rich terroir to the heart of Egypt

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every visit exceeds your expectations, whether you're stopping by for a quick pick-up or enjoying a delicious meal with your friends.

We look forward to welcoming you at KarakBoy and sharing our passion for flavor and culture with you.



There is nothing quite like enjoying that perfect cup of coffee. Since 2000, our goal has always been to provide each customer with exactly that. With great tasting coffees from around the world — from intense aromas to creamy textures — we are here to show you that our coffee can cure all your tension. One sip at a time.

At KARAK BOY, we provide you with delightfully delicious coffee which is prepared specially for each and every customer. Browse our collection and stop by to try them for yourself.


Making Coffee


Start Every Day Fresh

Our Lightly Roasted Coffee Beans offer the world a chance to brighten every day with a whole lot of flavor and inspiration. Try these to receive the perfect balance between bold flavor and subtle sweetness.


Awaken the Senses

Skillfully roasted and carefully blended, our Triple Blended Coffee Beans don’t just wake you up in the morning, they pack a lasting punch that is sure to leave you wanting more. Silky smooth and full of layered flavors, there’s really no better way to start your day.

Triple Blended Coffee Beans


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